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Redding Painting Co. takes pride in knowing that we have left our customers fully satisfied with their experience. We take pride in our work and want all of our clients to recommend us to others.  Here is what our clients have to say about their experience with Redding Painting Co.

To Whom This May Concern:


I am a commercial real estate broker and developer in the Sacramento Metro Area.  My wife, and I were building a custom home in Carmichael near the American River in an old and very established neighborhood when we hired Redding Painting Co to repair and complete a “twice botched” attempt to paint our home. 


In 2008 we tore down an old home and commenced construction of a single story home with deep eaves, large covered porches, and very detailed trim assemblies on both the interior and exterior of the structure.  Because of our involvement as principals in both commercial and residential construction entities building for our own account we had ready access to reliable subcontractors to assist us with our Owner-Builder project.  We had a smooth and positive experience with every trade on our job with the exception of painting.  After obtaining 3 bids from painting contractors, each of them heard me explain in depth the level of detail we required with our painting applications to have our concept “shine” as intended in the design.  Unfortunately, we had two consecutive failures with two separate painting contractors to properly execute the necessary preparatory work to make the paint application work as we desired. 


Josh Redding was the third painting contractor we hired to make repairs to previous mistakes and execute the preparatory work and completely re-paint the applications we required to make our home “come together”.  He did a fabulous job with a positive attitude at every step during the process.  Today our house “shines” with his finishes and we are very pleased (and relieved) to have found someone like Josh who understood our vision, willing and eagerly tackled the task and delivered a beautiful product both inside and outside for our home.  We were under budget constraints and using Josh to remedy poor workmanship and execute the finish we desired was competitively priced.


Our experience with Josh was he worked alone on a large job, but he showed up everyday and focused on the job to completion.  No leaving the job to take care of other business, and his attitude was always positive about what he was doing and it showed in his work product.  We offer this recommendation to hire Josh without qualification.

D. Collins, Carmichael


We are writing this letter while admiring the quality of the work in our recently painted home.  We cannot express how pleased we are with the finished project, and also the extent to which working with Redding Painting exceeded our expectations. 

From the initial bid, to the last wall painted, the job was completed impeccably.   We have been so thankful for your amazing professionalism, and attention to detail.  Josh was punctual every day for three weeks, pleasant regarding every aspect of the job, and patient, despite working around the daily “goings-on” of a family with two young children.  We are so glad we proceeded with the project, despite the fact that we occupied the home throughout the process.  All of our initial concerns were mitigated; the potential paint odor was minimized by Josh’s recommendation of zero-VOC paint; the potential disruption of the household was a non-issue.   Each area of our home was left completely clean, and free of supplies, and all of our belongings were protected and cared for perfectly.

We cannot adequately express our satisfaction with the work completed, and would like this letter to serve as a letter of recommendation for potential clients.  In addition, we’d be happy to share our experience via phone with anyone considering working with Redding Painting.  We have provided glowing recommendations to several friends and family, and we look forward to working with you in the future, for all future painting projects.

Davenport Family, Rocklin

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